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Human interface modeling for communication trends – Part Three (Model-driven applications: Motoric, Touch, Literacy, Content View and Sum)


This is a third and the last part of the article, that is about applications of last three human communication channels that I am talking about – Motoric, Touch and Literacy. To understand the model there would be a need to get through a first part and to get interesting insight into Audio and Visual human communication channels there is a second part of the article. Lots of important questions for entrepreneurs, Interaction designers, system architects and other fellows that care about people as part of their technology.

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Human interface modeling for communication trends – Part Two (Model-driven applications: Audio and Visual)

This is a second part of the article I am working on that is providing actual applications of the model. You can find here examples of existing products and usages as well as some possible directions of communication evolution or get some inspiration.  To understand what the #$!% am I talking about, it is recommended to read a first part that describes the model. Enjoy!

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Human interface modeling for communication trends – Part One (Model)


The article is about proposed modeling of human interface and communication channels that are describing lots of technological trends up until today. The model is giving a structuralized perception that might help to come with new technologies and would make our world a better place to be. I have spent on it several days. Hope you like it. Comments are much appreciated. The article includes two parts – Model Description and Model Application. Here comes a part one.

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Post-communication era

Image…What would be a post-communication era after we’ve got close to ideal communication between all people? Then we would stop finally thinking about how we communicate and start thinking more about what we communicate. Only then, when we are optimally close, we would finally realize that the reason that we thought we are communicating Knowledge, Emotions and Will is orthogonal to the real one. Only then, when we know and feel in the deepest way all that we have to, we would understand that communication is not a support for other needs, but fundamental entity by itself. Only then we would understand that connections between us like between cells in the brain are the essence of our human being. With this new answer our children’s children are going to start working on communication content definition… from the beginning.

… A part of article I am writing about “Human Interface Modeling for communication trends” (doing for myself). A pretty cool one and helping to see the human communication in a new light. I am planning to finish it soon and start making it shorter (currently ten pages of text). Still considering to publish it in parts…

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Some thoughts about power as a risk…

In signal processing the power of signal is defined by variance of its frequency. If we take our life as a complex signal of occurrences, then variance of decisions we make is increasing a risk, while granting a power as well.

Only variability of our life is empowering us to make radical changes. Not a height, not a strength, not a mightiness, but embracement of a beautiful variety of our life has a power to change the world. This variety comes from falls and rises, from suffering and joy, from knowledge, from travels, from social connections, from ever changing work/family/friends/me puzzle…

A risk, that is nested in this power, brings saturated incorrect decisions, vulnerability, stress, fragility, blindness, insensitivity, shallowness… not a negligible risk.

So if you see a power without a risk, it is a bubble. A very risky one.


An important update for this post would be a fact that creation of spectrum rather than specific frequency within same power budget might minimize the risk, like a spread financial portfolio. Think, that there is only ONE maximal performance you you might get based on all possible choices for the given risk level. Can we calculate, how to optimize a work/family/… portfolio and get to an efficient frontier of the life and to maximize our income for given risk of divorce? That would solve problems of Work-Life-Effectiveness.