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Post-communication era

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Image…What would be a post-communication era after we’ve got close to ideal communication between all people? Then we would stop finally thinking about how we communicate and start thinking more about what we communicate. Only then, when we are optimally close, we would finally realize that the reason that we thought we are communicating Knowledge, Emotions and Will is orthogonal to the real one. Only then, when we know and feel in the deepest way all that we have to, we would understand that communication is not a support for other needs, but fundamental entity by itself. Only then we would understand that connections between us like between cells in the brain are the essence of our human being. With this new answer our children’s children are going to start working on communication content definition… from the beginning.

… A part of article I am writing about “Human Interface Modeling for communication trends” (doing for myself). A pretty cool one and helping to see the human communication in a new light. I am planning to finish it soon and start making it shorter (currently ten pages of text). Still considering to publish it in parts…


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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