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Colorizing Clouds

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I had my morning run through the Yarkon Park and observed those wonderful skies with fluffy clouds slowly rolling towards the sea. And I thought, why not to colorize them? It would be a spectacular performance on any holiday! It would not be photoshop pictures, nor a small scale color explosions and even not a Holi Festival… No. It is going to be a wide show of heavens. How can we do it?

It has to be an environment friendly very colorful substance, well absorbed by water and briefly diffused in the cloud. Once we’ve got it, it has to be dropped and extracted by light plane within a cloud.

Requirements: Substance; Airplane; People; Clouds; Sun; Celebration. That’s all!

5 steps: Get someone who knows chemistry well, Get exposure, Get funding, Get airplane, Get out!

Thanks to London-based creative duo Rob and Nick Carter ( we can imagine how could it be…









Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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