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Traffic Angel



Thinking about various ways of car accidents reduction, I took a commonality of car accident root causes and found out that most of monitoring/tracking solutions today are not meant to solve those root causes. Let’s take a look at the list (top to bottom) based on Car accident statistics of accidents including lethal ones.


What type of goal should we have for monitoring system? Let’s take 6 major parameters:

  • Coverage
  • Persistency
  • Observability
  • Mobility
  • Real-time
  • Cost

Let’s examine couple of main solutions we’ve got today:


What would be the Ideal Final Result?

  • We need a system with high area coverage e.g. several square kilometers
  • Good observability  i.e. detection of wide spectrum of inappropriate driving behaviors as actual violations or potential threats
  • High persistency i.e. 95% of up-time
  • Keep high mobility i.e. being capable of seamlessly changing scope based on demand
  • Immediate response i.e. Capability of  rising flag of warning, provide all details and point to a source
  • Low cost solution i.e. long term, reliable, low operational cost
Based on all those characteristics there is a possible solution:
Aerial video analysis of traffic data for a wide scope, automatic recognition of invalid/dangerous behavioral patterns, tracking and synchronization with static ground camera that is used as a trigger for identification of the image and creation of the video/ID bundle and providing warning information to police patrol
Simply said, for example, the car that has a dangerous behavior e.g. keeping too short distance for the given speed, is tracked up until the point of road where there is a static (regular) road camera and the system is triggering the camera shot even if at this point the car is driving at normal speed and aligns the aerial video with car number, following by standard existing identification and follow up process.

System Characteristics

  • Wide area coverage – Can be very high since does not require a high quality pictures
  • High observability – Ability to recognize a big variety of patterns
    • Speed
    • Short distance between cars
    • Passing solid line
    • “drunk” and “tired” non-linear driving (for communicating a warning to police patrol)
  • High persistency – Full autonomy of the system gives ability of permanent activation
  • High mobility – System is mobile and requires only support of local infrastructure
  • High responsiveness – Real-time feedback to patrol gives ability to check “soft” violations in behavioral patterns and take immediate action in case of critical violation
  • Cost – Relatively low for aerostat-based system
Now when we’ve got a system that is meeting our goals, let’s see which parameters it can monitor and provide feedback to mitigate the accident statistics (Green – high coverage; yellow – partial coverage; grey – low/no coverage):
We can see that unlike present solutions, the system can give a pretty comprehensive response to most of aspects.
“Disobedience of traffic light” – requires additional adjustment for communication protocol (ground–>air on top of air–>ground).
Lot’s of items from “No violation observed” can be monitored and captured based on behavioral pattern abnormality diagnostics. For example periodically tired drivers would have abnormal driving path volatility and can be warned.


Establishment at high focus locations:
  • High speed roads
  • Busy interchanges
  • Dangerous curves
Gross monitoring area estimation – 80 sq.k.

System Components

Aerial System
  • Aerostat (Possible use of blimps  gives higher mobility, but higher cost)
  • Stabilization system
  • Video system
  • Processing system (army/academy)
    • Image processing
    • Object detection
    • Pattern identification
    • Behavioral analysis
    • Follow up system
    • Communication data processing
  • Data transmission system
  • Power supply (battery/ground/solar)
Optional Camera Matrix Design:

Ground control center

  • Data communication system
    • Air/Ground synchronization
    • Ground synchronization
    • Patrol communication
  • Data analysis system
  • Geotagging
  • Triggering and identification system
  • Action decision system
  • Data bundling and storage

Traffic Camera (addons)

  • Communication module
    • Trigger synchronization
    • Data transfer


  • Warning receiving module for Communication, Presentation and Storage
Example of 2000 feet (608 m) aerostat view (Owner: snowyturner @ flikcr):
Have a safe drive!
Andrey Gabdulin
Product Development

Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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    אני חושב שיש לך הערכת חסר של המחיר של ההצעה שלך.
    היא דורשת גם ציוד מתוחכם, גם כח אדם מקצועי לתחזק ולהשתמש במערך, וגם פיתוח שלם של המערכת.

  2. תודה
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    מחיר מישתנה נמוך יחסית לניידות בגלל מערכת אוטומטית (למרות שיש צורך במרכז בקרה
    אבל אתה צודק – לא זול מאוד

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