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Google Trends based Israel RE Demand modeling (Abstract)

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Google Trends is giving a unique insight into consumer demand changes and direct impact on financial conditions of firms or economy processes. I have tried to apply the model that I am widely using since 2009 on Real Estate market in Israel to get an exposure, understand better processes within, examine causality of local price growth and try to estimate the scenarios that are to come. In the article we see an interesting phenomenon of price hysteresis in local market, trying to understand it and explain by the RE demand model. The first part of the article is only the presentation of data, while the second part is model proposition and explanation of processes by the model. 

This is only an Abstract for the article I have done in Hebrew due to localized nature of the matter. I can translate it in case of demand in which I have a doubt or maybe one day I will do the same for couple more of interesting countries.


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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