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Touch Pad for Blind

Back in beginning of 2011, I was working on concept of Touch Pad for Blind.
It was unfortunately with no significant progress. Several meetings with entrepreneurs (back then I had no MBA by myself) gave nothing.
Not sure if there is anything like this exist today (I hope that there is), I am still posting parts from a work (with small additions as our world has been changed for good and we have commoditized smartphones and Kinect).

The Concept
Mobile system giving blind people real-time vision abilities by transferring surround environment into a touchpad sensing representation system.
The system contains 3 main modules:

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Interocracy is a form of direct democracy in its most interactive form while leveraging worldwide internet connectivity to promote a civil will and fulfill the popular sovereignty. Freedom of political expression and freedom of speech in Interocracy are getting their most complete form. Interocracy extends a dynamic and permanent referendum form to a totally new paradigm of being.

Principles of Interocracy:

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Shuttle Marketing Model


Complex products require innovations in marketing models to drive those products into the sustainable zones. This proposal is a perception of marketing approach to create tightly linked functionally heterogeneous  pair with Time/Space/Condition separation for business.

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