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Interocracy is a form of direct democracy in its most interactive form while leveraging worldwide internet connectivity to promote a civil will and fulfill the popular sovereignty. Freedom of political expression and freedom of speech in Interocracy are getting their most complete form. Interocracy extends a dynamic and permanent referendum form to a totally new paradigm of being.

Principles of Interocracy:

  • Freedom of political expression and Freedom of speech for all
  • Immediate impact of will
  • Privacy and Data security
  • Pluralism

Interocracy is going to change the way we control their lives, the way we see the world and the way we are taking responsibility. It will increase our involvement, our connection and confidence level in tomorrow.

Interocaracy Infrastructure System (IIS)

Interocaracy Infrastructure System (IIS) is comprehensive foundation for technical support of the authority. IIS is essential basis inseparably linked with all Principles of Interocracy at all its levels.

Multiple functionalities of IIS should emphasize each and every of those principles, continuously evaluate and improve to make a voice of each person heard, give ability to influence and change his life in a most direct matter. The system is giving an ability to initiate and change lows, choose and control representatives.

IIS Secondary characteristics are Social sharing, Historical data presentation and tracking, Personalization, Segment adjustments (e.g. languages, fonts, remote access), Versatility.

IIS is going to prevent unacceptable and unexpected behaviors in government by providing strong positive feedback for elected leaders. Freedom of speech is finally going to get the applied instrument. It is going to purify the freedom of political expression perverted and limited today by inevitable buffer of poorly controlled representatives.

Privacy, data security and verification are cornerstones of IIS and should ensure Interocracy principles of freedom and impact.

Exposure of coming lows, references, history, personal tracking, statistics and more is essential. Data has to be correct, updated, available, accessible, structured and clear that is going to minimize the effort of people to consolidate and express their will.

Any legal proposal can be accepted, discussed and promoted under the system. This is going to bring a new instrument of influence and environment for growing political identity.

Pluralism becomes more dynamic and more powerful with IIS and would be protected by regulations.

IIS is going to be a basis and a starting point for a new authority rising up with new generation.


Implementation depends on multiple architectural and technical channels. It requires consolidation of different political, academic, public and commercial structures and experts as essential factors for project success.

Technical challenge is great due to complicated structured multifunctional secured data and knowledge management system with highest importance and should be done by experienced large company.

Political architecture challenge is big and has to be professionally treated including such items like Voting threshold application (important to guarantee political stability), Voting distribution rules, Pluralism support, Decision application and enforcement.

A new political party can be established based on Interocracy regulations that each member of the party has to follow. Resonance that it is going to get can be leveraged in acceleration of establishment and enhancement processes and fund raising.

To get involved in Interocratic voting, people would need to register by arriving to one of departments for familiarization, identification, instruction and registration. This is essential step in security formation as well. By getting a personal conformation code, people can start using IIS and influence interactively their life. External departments are going to be used also for IIS service of people without at home connectivity and limitations.


אינטרוקרטיה הינה סוג של דמוקרטיה ישירה בצורתה האינטראקטיבית ביותר הממנפת חיבור האינטרנט בכדי לקדם רצונו של האזרח ולהבטיח את הרבונות העממית. חופש של הבעה הפוליטית וחופש הדיבור מקבלות באינטרוקרטיה את צורתם המלאות. זו היא הרחבה של צורה הדינמית וקבועה של משאל עם לפאראדיגמה חדשה לחלוטין.

עקרונות של אינטרוקרטיה :

חופש הבעה פוליטית וחופש דיבור לכולם

השפעת הרצון המיידית

פרטיות ואבטחת מידע


אינטרוקרטיה הולכת לשנות את הדרך שבה אנו שולטים על חיינו, ראיית עולמנו ואת קבלת אחריות. זה ירחיב את מעורבותנו, את חיבורינו ואת הרמת המהימנות שלנו במחר.


Интерократия является видом прямой демократии в своей наиболее интерактивной форме, при которой используется подключение к глобальной сети для претворения народной воли и суверенитета. Свобода политического выражения и свобода слова при Интерократии достигают своей наиболее полной формы.

Принципы Интерократии:

  • Свобода политического выражения и свобода слова для всех
  • Влияние воли
  • Охрана частных данных
  • Плюрализм

Интерократия изменит то как мы контролируем свою жизнь, то как мы видим мир и то как мы берём ответственность. Это повысит наше вовлечение, нашу связь и наш уровень уверенности в завтрашнем дне.


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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