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1×1 meeting environment design

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There are lots of discussion about 1xN (sharing) or Nx1 collaboration, which is great, scalable, efficient and so on. BUT taking into account that we are human and most native conversation for us is 1×1 I would assume it will be still strong in our future as it is today.

Today there are few good solutions for 1x1s. Usually it is either you are disturbing or others disturb you.Let’s try to analyse solutions today and come with optimal concept.

Today’s solutions (and their characteristics) are:

Conference Rooms

Main Cons:

  • Not efficient space usage (also energy-consumption-wise)
  • Lack of rooms is very common for most companies
  • Makes others angry when they see you two in the room

Main Pros:

  • Equipment (Monitor; Phone)
  • Privacy
  • Silence

Cafeteria/Big internal or external space

Main Cons:

  • Noizy
  • No sharing equipment
  • Partial availability (lunch/dinner/events) and preparations/smell disturb
  • Basic equipment is built for dining and not for work
  • No privacy (important for confidential discussions and for good feeling)

Main Pros:

  • High availability


Main Cons:

  • Very high disturbance factor

Main Pros:

  • Availability
  • Comfortable personal environment (for one of participants and much less for another)

 There are several more solutions but most of them have some major cons.

I tried to think about an ideal final result that would have all positive characteristics and will have no (or as less as possible) negative.

Possible solution might be an array of cells (square or beehive-like) with double glass walls (noise reduction), matte in the middle and semi-matte from outside with 2 bar chairs (more friendly feeling, but not something that you are going to spend a whole day on), Small table, phone, power supply solution, sharing monitor; drawing wall and more… Efficient space use would give ability to have a big amount of 1×1 cells and high availability as a result.

I came up with possible design, which gives all above in flexible solution for sharing and collaboration types just by turning one of tables. In addition a collaboration configuration can be used for small telepresence cell.

Couple examples:



Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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