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Infinite Virtual Wall

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N-N communication concept of Infinite Virtual Wall came to me while thinking about popularity of “Before I die I want to...” wall. Image

There are various types of written (Literacy) human communications – each with its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. While this is a whole separate model I am working on and one day I will publish, here I would like to come with concept of specific application of the model.

External fixed subject of “Before I die I want to...” wall was a good anchor by itself and caused people think about important things in our life, necessity of action, determination of meaningful for each participant and more, but the type of communication  was something interesting that we have not see in other places.

N-to-N communication channels (e.g. forums, legacy stock exchange, conference breaks mingling, Facebook groups) have  amazing characteristics such as chaos-driven communication, subject depth, assembling force of  pertinence and more, while there are pitfalls on this channel and clarity is one of them.

The concept is an infinite visual virtual wall (e.g. Prezi-style) where people would add their thoughts on specific matter.

It could be an unstructured one, manually allocated or automated as the system would analyze the content (and/or tags) and locate it nearby similar ones and creating clusters.


People could give visual characteristics to their messages, add pictures, movies and audio.

People could explore domains of thoughts from high level, drill down to a low level, communicate to specific people (if they want to).

Visualization is important in several aspects.

  • It gives a feeling to people that they stay at the same level comparing to others and relatively to the time and not going to the history as time passes. Fairness sensitivity is one of key characteristics of human psychology.
  • Visual channel is a high bandwidth channel, informative, with high information absorption.
  • It is easy (and critical) to have search/filtering ability, while visual filtering would show not only amount, but nature of left content and help to navigate through it.
  • More space for imagination and freedom

So as a pilot I would like to try Prezi-based “Before I die I want to…” project Virtual wall… This is not the same, but as a check could be nice.

The link to add the wish


Let’s see where it goes…


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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