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Two Vertical Applications for Solar Panels

Solar power solutions are still not significant in worldwide scale and especially in urban areas, where problem with space is conjoint with high power consumption.  There is a space though that our cities has in abundance – vertical surfaces.

Here are two concepts in solar energy that I have developed several years ago, so I do not know if there are already similar products available on the market or patented. If you are interested, there is an Executive sum for them and Business Plan documentation. Here they are coming as is – without business component.

Product A: Shutters

Modular window shutters as complete system providing solar energy gathering, storage, provisioning and multifunctional application such as built-in lighting, clock, alarm, remote control, sun light control and more.

The shutters built out of photovoltaic panels, are simultaneously rotated by built-in elecro-motor and managed by built-in microcontroller. To store the energy there are rechargeable batteries nested inside the frame. The product comes as out-of-box functional modules of standard sizes or can be adjusted to any need.

In automatic mode panels are rotating according to the optimal sun-directed angle during the day and in static (preprogrammed) mode during the night. Programming and management is done from any iOS/Android mobile device or (basic operations) from small special remote control.

Panel’s angle can be also manually rotated by remote control (still gathering energy, less efficiently though).  Panels angle can be pre-programmed to follow some angle for given time period (e.g. at the morning) and used for example as morning alarm.

ImageWindow advanced modular solar shutters  

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Recovery Waves

The concept of Recovery Waves is showing a probable scenario of ecosystem evolution for next hundreds of years. It is the kind of “rolling back” of annihilation waves that we have caused throughout human history.

First Annihilation Wave Catastrophe

About 50,000 years ago, there was the biggest and fastest nature annihilation disaster in a world history for 65 million years (since  dinosaurs were destroyed). The flaring expansion of homo-sapiens was the cause for this phenomena. Although back then they were hunters-gatherers only, the damage they have caused was the extermination of nearly half of terrestrial mammal species that lived prior to the migration.

Second Annihilation Wave Catastrophe

Agricultural evolution and enhanced migration of humans brought another disaster – the second annihilation wave. For thousands of years, humans went farther and farther to islands, to Australia and the Americas, spreading their settlements, burning forests to free up lands for agriculture, hunting and multiplying. The evidence we are gathering is not only archaeological as in the first wave, but since this wave was until recent times, we actually can follow up on the last migrations to distant islands such as Madagascar and New Zealand. Every time when homo sapiens went to any new area, the variability of the animal population in the area was immediately and dramatically decreased. In Madagascar until human arrival there were huge Elephant Birds, Giant Subfossil lemurs, and others that disappeared with our first appearance.


Size of Aepyornis Maximus (Elephant Bird) (center, in purple) compared to a human, an ostrich (second from right, in maroon), and some non-avian theropod dinosaurs. Each grid line is one meter in height (by Matt Martyniuk)

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