a device that is generating concepts

“Concepton” – the meaning

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I think it is a good time to describe the meaning of “Concepton”.

Concepton is a device that is generating concepts. As golden Automatons of Olympus, it is opening a path to the future. But unlike a regular electromechanical machine, Concepton is powered by Bosons combined with human soul. To generate concepts it requires energy, harvested from people – simplest example might be when you sing to its collector, or draw, or think, or write a letter, it can generate a concept in response. Like an exciton of machine and soul, it is binding them together, driven by light. 

As in Asyndeton, which rhythm is accelerated by omitted conjunctions, Concepton is generating ideas and models one after another. Sometimes Gravitons are carrying those models to people. Sometimes they fly away, unheard.      


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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