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HTC Twelve (secret next version)

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HTC Twelve (secret next version)

A secret future project of “HTC Twelve” is now exposed!

12 5uMp (“UltraMegaPixel”) cameras and total of 60Mp are used to generate extremely sharp and extremely wide pictures, but this is far from being “Just” top quality pictures.

It is giving a “Multiple Exposure Photography” and ability to combine objects at different speed. High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging was never SO realistic.

Top night vision quality is achieved by leveraging information from all 12 cameras.

But really the most amazing feature is a pseudo-high speed camera, capturing 1080p at 360 fps and 720p at 720 fps! It gives you ability to capture an amazing real high quality slow motion effects. Smart phase switching is giving ability to take cost advantage of top high speed cameras (approximate BOM penalty ~110$).

Ultra-high quality camera matrix is bring a whole new level of 3D filming.

Did I mention 4 microphones at the back panel to capture a high quality stereo sound?

It worth to wait for 2022… 🙂


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Cancer Trends analysis (US/Israel/Russia+)

Cancer. This is one of the hardest problems of human being today. Huge amount of effort is spent to develop proper treatments for different types of cancer. There are studies that show degradation in cancer, but they are based on partial statistical sample. Can we get a better picture based on all exposed population? I do not know. Let’s try though and see which direction the cancer is moving. Continue reading

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Associative alternating first-person narrative


Narrative point of view is one of most important methods of narrative mode and it determines the perspective of the story. Third-person view is great when you have a wide and heterogeneous arena, covered by many characters, so it is easy to switch between sub-stories and follow up on everything from above. It is a great choice of narrative to experience an omniscient feeling or a sense of control.

Third-person view is less convenient when you would like to create a deep connection of reader to certain character and deep understanding of its feelings, thoughts and motivations. Here the first-person narrative is the Continue reading

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3D systems and Samsung (Financial Short term prediction)

For those that invested in 3D systems (DDD) when I told to and did not closed positions when I told to, several months ago ;)… Here is the update: it is not going to the peak again (at least not based on current real demand model). Take a look at phase-corrected Demand Index for 3D printers. You can see that the demand was at its peak ~half year ago and (with value chain latency + quarterly update latency) correction is seen as a response in stock (DDD) value. Small recovery can be observed in couple month, but no reason for major growth for now. Brief leverage of correction and that’s all, fellows – close the position.  So proposal – KEEP/SALE



Similarly for Samsung – there might be a short 1.3M–> 1.5M and back transition soon, but do not expect more than that (no fallout though). So proposal – KEEP/BUY. 



Enjoy. And do not be greedy 😉