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3D systems and Samsung (Financial Short term prediction)

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For those that invested in 3D systems (DDD) when I told to and did not closed positions when I told to, several months ago ;)… Here is the update: it is not going to the peak again (at least not based on current real demand model). Take a look at phase-corrected Demand Index for 3D printers. You can see that the demand was at its peak ~half year ago and (with value chain latency + quarterly update latency) correction is seen as a response in stock (DDD) value. Small recovery can be observed in couple month, but no reason for major growth for now. Brief leverage of correction and that’s all, fellows – close the position.  So proposal – KEEP/SALE



Similarly for Samsung – there might be a short 1.3M–> 1.5M and back transition soon, but do not expect more than that (no fallout though). So proposal – KEEP/BUY. 



Enjoy. And do not be greedy 😉


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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