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Cancer Trends analysis (US/Israel/Russia+)

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Cancer. This is one of the hardest problems of human being today. Huge amount of effort is spent to develop proper treatments for different types of cancer. There are studies that show degradation in cancer, but they are based on partial statistical sample. Can we get a better picture based on all exposed population? I do not know. Let’s try though and see which direction the cancer is moving.

Once more, “Google Trends” is going to help us to get the data.

Assumption: Most of those that are searching for cancer are those that are diagnosed or got suspicion for cancer (i.e. got some probability of being diagnosed in the future – let’s assume non-changing one).

Looking on search for chemotherapy versus cumulative cancer index over past decade you can see that both are going down and that the dependency becomes more precise (is it since chemotherapy is assigned wisely?).


Breast cancer

Here is un-biased “breast Cancer” index per week for last decade (different charts – different years). The “hill” is awareness campaign, growing from year to year.


Taking annual median “Breast Cancer” index (to remove impact of awareness campaign), we see a clear linear reducing trend within last decade. IF (and unfortunately, no one can promise that) the trend will proceed for the next 20 years, the breast cancer will be almost disappear.


Since Cancer trend is going down in US (and unbiasing Cancer as constellation of the zodiac):


And it’s various types:


Which is pretty aligned with trends, gathered by various medical data studies (American Cancer Society):


Overall, we shall be optimistic.

The same picture we see in Israel (different cancer types):




While absolutely different picture is in Russian-speaking world (see trends for different types of cancer):



What is going on there?!

Looking general Cancer trend (and unbiasing Cancer as constellation of the zodiac) we see the same trend:


It is indeed worrying info that should have some root cause. Is it the way of life and low awareness? Hope they will change it.



Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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