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My Outlook Network

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My Outlook Network

My 3 month of emails: Total of 2.5k emails with 1k subjects sent by 240 employees to 1.2k other employees and to 150 different groups. Overall >22.5k transitions.
This is My network based on My activities as I “see” it. Obviously I cannot expose names or groups, but believe me – color clustering exposes actual groups and organizational functions.
Beautiful? Try it yourself – you will find lots of interesting things. Try it on corporate level and you will find essential insights.

Technics (if you are interested):
Wrote brief VB script that is parsing all email traffic and dumping to the file. Arranged and imported to JMP. Created mapping of edges based on cumulative email transition (when each email gets weight of 1, shared cross all recipients). Imported to Gephi. Size – based on centrality. Proximity based on cumulative weight between each two nodes.



NASDAQ: Efficient frontier [Financial Model]


Financial model of Efficient Frontier for 2k of NASDAQ companies and funds for 2013-2014. We will see a theory in reality, see some interesting stuff beyond (Median vs. stdev) and as always  enjoy a beauty of the data (e.g. “NASDAQ Fish”). Continue reading