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A method to decide on optimal position while searching for a new job

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Some time ago after a re-organization we have faced, I found myself switching position. As there were five options for me, I did not know what to choose. After asking a better question – how to choose, I reminded a method I have learned in MBA “Negotiations” course and applied it on choosing the right position. There are many similar methods though and you can follow them to make the process faster (e.g. Pugh decision matrix) or deeper , once you got the point.

Here is the method – step by step. 

1. Need to define criteria that are important for me. Focus on ~10 parameters. For me those were:

High Innovation
Significant Business Impact
Technical Challenge
Wide Interpersonal Interaction
Room for Self-expression
Required Analytical Skills
New fields and self-development
Wide purview
High Scalability and opportunity for growth
Managerial Position
Lack of persistent stress
Room for Freelancing

Of course You should find a list that is relevant for you.

Usually you have some criteria more important than others. In this case order them based on significance and assign Criteria Weights. If you do not know how to order, you can compare pairs (as usually it is easier to decide on) and arrange this way the whole list. As for the Criteria Weights assignment, you can do it linearly (that is what I did) i.e. ask yourself how much important for you the top criterion comparing to the last one. if it is twice important, assign for top 100 and for bottom 50. Then you can incrementally add (100-50)/N (where N is the # of criteria).

Now the most interesting part. every time you have a job offer, put the Title in the table and try to estimate in the scale of 1-10 what is the approximate degree in which this position is meeting the criteria. Yep, this is pretty subjective grading and requires some understanding of the actual job (that is why it is good to prepare this list in advance and during the interview or job offer to focus on clarification of those aspects). You can also adjust previous weights based on new job as for example it is possible that that you thought previously is top innovative job (and assigned grade 10), now you realized that the new position is twice more innovative (so the new one is getting 10, while the old is fixed to 5).

You should get something like this (this is actually my table):


Ok. Now once you did it, next steps are absolutely technical.

1. Multiply each grade by corresponding weight and sum all the multiplications (weights application)

2. Divide the sum from #1 by the sum of ALL Criteria Weights and by 10 (normalization)

That’s all. You will get your subjective grade for each job. Now you can easily decide on the most desirable job offer out of all you’ve got. It would be something like this (you can download excel table):


Please remember – this is life and most probably you will not get 100% and it is OK as everything is relative and we need to compromise. Also… there is a need in a room for the future development, right? 🙂

Wish you to find a job with >90% satisfaction grade! Good luck.


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

One thought on “A method to decide on optimal position while searching for a new job

  1. I like how simple yours is … I really need to get around to posting mine. I’ve just been slammed all week – will try to finish it this weekend and we can compare notes!

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