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Mobile Makeup Projector


Just seen a cool presentation of projected makeup, done by Nobumichi Asai:

Indeed nice concept and I thought it might be consumerized by adding mobility. In the word where people are going with Google Glass on the streets, there is a place for a mobile makeup projectors as well…

So it can be with or without reflector, but the idea should be clear:

with hat

The video transceiver  is projecting a picture and capturing as a feedback for face movement recognition, adaptation to facial expression and open eyes/mouth.


All logic and control is done remotely from the smartphone.

Big variety of additional applications – for example market of projected makeup templates (including interactive), another example makeup location based alignment (while it is controlled externally for all party participants to create large scale performance),  interactive adaptation to mood expression (so it might be flowers when happy and fire when angry).

Enjoy  🙂


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

5 thoughts on “Mobile Makeup Projector

  1. Hi Andrey! sorry for this late reply. I try to connect on linkedin but I could not. All this is very interesting.. I am now working at KAIST in Korea, always on the field of interaction design, wearables, etc. And media arts. And in uruguay, I am launching a new project withing the OLPC initiative. nice to meet you!

    • Thank you! I’ll try to connect there. Sounds like an interesting life you are living. 🙂 Tell me if you think I could help you in anything. If you are in Israel, we can have a coffee together 🙂

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