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Accident warning system

Accident warning systems in cars already became a standard, but still there are huge amount of cars on roads that are not aligned with recent technologies, so we only partially control the situation. The rear feedback system is there to ensure, that the distance to the next car behind you, is kept within the safe range. Following the previous posts [#1 and #2], here is the update for the concept with simpler version.

The system includes led panel [10$ – 50$], signing to the following car when the distance is less then acceptable. It is installed by the rear window behind the driver, while facing with the notification panel towards the following cars.

Bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone is giving ability to read the speed based on GPS (disabled otherwise) and notice to driver (sound signal) in case of range violation, improving the awareness in case of the break (of course on top of looking into mirrors). The system includes a middle/long distance sensor [$100 😦 need to search for low cost solutions of sensors up to 100m] and basic controller [, while most of the system logic is within the phone. The system can be charged from the car or can get a constant power when installed permanently.

The signal can be color-based (can be configured from the phone app):

No signal – the range is more than two seconds

Yellow – one to two seconds distance

Red – less than one second distance

Blinking red – less than 0.5 second distance

The ranges are adjusted based on the time (+1s at night) and might be based on the weather in the area (fog/rain).