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Network of physical quantities

Had couple of evenings of fever 😦

Took International System of Units (SI units) as a baseline and created a network:



Nodes – Physical Quantities. Size of Node is based on OutDegree Ranking (kind of “Importance”). Colors are based on Subject:


Edges – relation based on Units, expressed in terms of other SI units. Color is based on relation (Blue – multiplier, Red – divider). Width/weight is based on power (log).

Gephi layout – “Force Atlas 2”

You can see that most “important” Physical quantities are basic Length, Mass, Time, but also derived Force and Energy.

Taking a look at the Betweenness Centrality, we can see that Force and Energy are the biggest and then Voltage, Resistance and Charge. Maybe this is why it is so native to learn them first right after the basic physical quantities.

betweenness centrality

Enjoy and feel free to download, modify and correct (surely got some mistakes). If you do, please mention the source 😉

Files: Excel/Gephi