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Language-driven opportunities – Internet

Merging W3Techs and InternetWorldStats numbers for 2019 Language content dominance and users statistics together, easy to see that there is a lot of potential for Arabic, Spanish and especially Chinese languages content development.

Internet content vs users by panguageOther languages are a long tail of sub-2% users and content availability. Very stable Lingual users breakdown with strong dominance of English (changing from 58% to 55% over almost the last decade).

Salable and convenient language transformation tools and methods could close the shown gaps and leverage potential for the barely English-speaking countries.

Even though Wikipedia is also dominant by English articles, the distribution of languages there is slightly less polarized.

Internet content vs Wiki by languageHere you can see that Swedish articles got outstanding 7.3% [2019] share  for very small amount of users, generated by automatic translation bot, developed by Sverker Johansson, that received a lot of criticism, thanks to poor translation abilities of Google Translate. Something to think about…