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Relative time of AI vs Human

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How slow humans and the whole living world is going to be for coming AI consciousness? Our perception of time is limited by our physiology. Our censorial and analytical signals propagation got clear boundaries of time domain in resolution and latency. Similarly, for AI the perception of time would be limited by design and architecture of underlying systems.

Is there a way to calculate the relative perceptional time ratio between us and the AI?

For us, what would be that indicator? A max “clock” of neural activity? Atomic propagation of signal within ion channel? Width of action-potential (>1mS)? Resonance of epilepsy (>2Hz)? Spatial average of signal propagation latency within a brain? What would it be for AI? System clock? Some KPI, based on typical workloads?

Anyways, once conscious AI will arise, we might stall in time and space from its perspective and be observed as a large static piece of art.


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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