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Time dependence on Temperature concept.

I was playing with time vector and and entropy, leading to the concept of time dilation as a function of temperature so one might say that time is locally “stopping” for the matter at absolute zero. 

In a nutshell the concept means that the dependency of the time/information propagation depends not only on mass of matter, but also on temperature and as we go to the lower temperatures down to absolute zero, the entropy is reducing down to zero as well and essentially there should be no propagation of information through the space. One also might say that once the thermal energy is zero, for given non-zero mass the speed of light/information goes to zero as well. The phenomena can be associated with effective temperature time dilation.

I liked the concept as it connected several factors (even though might contradict some others :)) It can connect quantum-level and very large scale behaviors.

Searching for macro level confirmation I thought that small deviations on cosmic background temperature could expose the dilation function.  This way, the large matter density clusters of galaxies could have higher background temperature than low matter density and lead to a smaller time dilation. Similarly for galaxy arms, the lower proximity to a center of the galaxy and the arms, could lead to a lower temperature of the background, thus smaller gradients of change (higher time dilation).

Potentially the temperature driven time dilation could explain the lensing deviations. Assuming a very large and very cold body such a black hole (not taking into account the falling matter of accretion) it would increase the lensing effect then in the proximity of the body. In the model it would be also interesting to observe the impact of high temperature gradients of active BH-star pairs within the accretion disk.

Low matter density of voids also could bias the time dilation, thus effectively the distortion of their assessed size.

It would be interesting to examine the temperature time dilation model on CMB or clumping. I believe in the beauty of math, but a numerical path can be faster to show whether it is viable or not. 

The concept also might solve other contradictions of the Dark Matter. It might explain the correlation to the amount of matter and temperature in the galaxies. Highly dynamic large systems might be explained by large-scale thermodynamics with the application of the model. 

Can it be that expansion of Universe is biased by its reducing inter-galactic temperature and associated time dilation?

The concept would reduce a need in an introduction of a new particle or a need in gravitational distortion adjustment. 

#Thoughts from physicists’ asylum 😉


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Scalable Generation naming

There is no standard agreed naming for generations and in the past the naming was a major event driven (e.g. post/WWII) nor the range and we are at GenZ which left not too much to go, it might be a good strategy to come up with a scalable method.

First let’s start with the range as it can give the sense of granularity. As of X/Y/Z the range is 15 years, which might make sense as it is the age of getting to a maturity, thus changed behavioral pattern. However taking into account the exponential technological growth impact on accelerated maturity and rate of significant changes, 15 years sampling might be too gross.

Proposal is to lower it down to 10 years due to the reasons above and since it is easier to multiply.

Now, as of the reference point, we can take 2020, or better year 2000 as the easy baseline to add and remember the multiplications of 10.

The naming convention then would be a scalable order of decade counting from 2000. e.g. children born between 2000 and 2009 would be Gen0, born at 2020-2029 would be Gen2 and so on.

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Note: A moment for prose. It is here due to the concept of time-based conversing spiral format (and some additional nice tools). Enjoy.

I have been waiting for my death since the last shift. “This one is the next in line to a charnel” – stated a toneless tired voice above my feet after a creaky bed took away my heavy roommate. When his annoying, previously loud breedle became surprisingly imperceptible, it has also slipped away from the attention of personnel. 

Now, I could focus on my cardiac Monitor. I was afraid to give Him a name, as if it would be an inappropriate exaggeration for the insane surrounding universe. Yet, He was my companion for a long time, being the only persistent sound. We had a complex relationship – sometimes I was begging Him to continue, sometimes I was angry at Him for prompting, sometimes I imagined Him as the conductor of surrounding noises, sometimes conductor of my life, sometimes a part of me, sometimes the only remaining self in an outer world.

Friends and family are not allowed to visit due to a major outbreak and need of isolation. I often felt them, silently standing by my left side, carefully reviewing memories, making sure that nothing important is missed. His rhythm was digging lumps of memories. Clots of my past inevitably dissolved in a shared heap, while being only for a moment under the limelight. Here – sparkling black spread wings of Mantas, flying above the still blue canyon at 30meters deep right after I have lost my camera. Here – dark-red drops and orange light spot, dancing on silver blades closing on paper-white tissue of the cord, connected to my first son. Here – a black helplessness of unsuccessful anesthesia of an exhausted doctor.

Someone adjusted pressure in Ventilator and the pump has blown a new pain my lungs. I hated Him. The hate was pushed into me for a second every 3 seconds since the moment I partially woke up 19 days ago. Hated Him for the infinite pain that he has granted. Hated Him for the hope that He has enforced. Hated Him for the Stockholm syndrome that I have grown in my chest. Hated Him for the fear of feeling the hate at the very last moment of my life.

No! I love him… I love him – just like I love this recurrent sound of the monitor, just like I love everything in my life.

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Space Launches and Deterrents

SpaceX has recently purchased their new floating oil rigs to transform them it into offshore spaceport. One of the potential drawbacks, that people might miss, is impact of sound waves during the rocket launches on marine life. Enormous levels of noise during spacecraft launch are typically up to 180db. Remind you that noise levels in our daily life are about 30db (whispering) to 110db (disco close to a speaker). Levels above 150db are physically harming organic tissues, while 180db is x1000 higher power due to logarithmic scaling. Speed of sound propagation in water is about 3 times higher than in the air (~1,480 vs 343 meters per second). All this means that space launches are not only going to stress and harm animal habitat but expected to be lethal for underwater life over a wide area. Obviously this is not as close as underwater nuke explosions that were banned at 1963, but considering the persistence of events and times that we live in, something must be done here…

Proposal is use of Acoustic Fish Deterrents to withdraw as much marine life as possible from the location and time of launch. There are two main types of acoustic waves used as deterrents – continuous and pulsed. Based on studies, pulsed sound waves are not very much efficient for use for fish withdrawal, but continuous wave can be used for this cause. The signal should start at the location and according to the rocket launch schedule with growing amplitude and act effectively as a moving wall, distancing and saving the marine life.

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Language-driven opportunities – Internet

Merging W3Techs and InternetWorldStats numbers for 2019 Language content dominance and users statistics together, easy to see that there is a lot of potential for Arabic, Spanish and especially Chinese languages content development.

Internet content vs users by panguageOther languages are a long tail of sub-2% users and content availability. Very stable Lingual users breakdown with strong dominance of English (changing from 58% to 55% over almost the last decade).

Salable and convenient language transformation tools and methods could close the shown gaps and leverage potential for the barely English-speaking countries.

Even though Wikipedia is also dominant by English articles, the distribution of languages there is slightly less polarized.

Internet content vs Wiki by languageHere you can see that Swedish articles got outstanding 7.3% [2019] share  for very small amount of users, generated by automatic translation bot, developed by Sverker Johansson, that received a lot of criticism, thanks to poor translation abilities of Google Translate. Something to think about…

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Touch 5 control

Nice implementation of Microsoft Surface Studio had two main innovations at least from external visual perspective. One is the Hinge, which put a focus on a mechanical part, that from TRIZ theory and its laws of system evolution was “screaming” to be a next part to evolve. I put several times this system component at the frontier of next changes. The law is that every system is evolving heterogeneously, so you can take a look at old legacy components to bring a next breakthrough.

Another component that has been added is a Surface Dial. Nice idea to increase the control ability and improve interaction design. While, what MSFT did, is good from margin aspect (addition to a BOM/sales), from system evolution perspective they have added another component to the super-system. It makes new functionalities, but adding complexity. Thinking TRIZ, you can tell that the next phase would be “trimming” by “changing dimension”. For example you can remove this component by determining the touch of 5 fingers altogether to call for the same functionality. Something like this:


To make the interaction design of the feature more convenient I would add the functionality of next action once the “Touch 5” is triggered. It can be a single finger left to rotate the wheel or finger taps to choose the next action.

Makes sense?

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YouTube Identity sharing


From time to time I realize, that I am logged out of Google account and then interesting thing are happening – I’ve got totally different response at all Google services. This is exceptionally visible when I go to YouTube, where I discover a whole new world of content.

Similar thing is obviously happening when my wife is logged in. Then , the content is very predictable, as I know her, and I realize how much predictable for myself my own content is. This over-fitting from time to time is driving me to go out and spend time in trying to dig some new type of content, but over and over again I understand how hard is to expend the boundaries of personality… Eventually I come to a similar content, which is a part of my “YouTube identity”. And no – Google are not doing good enough job to expend boundaries of my identity, even though they know exactly how it looks like (maybe because they do not want to).

This “YouTube identity” is a YouTube-dimension of myself and the simplistic representation of the world as I see it, while to understand someone better, I would want to look at the world through his/her eyes (at least virtual ones).

So I thought – can we do something to share this insight into “YouTube identity” of ourselves, like if someone would login to my Google account without impacting it. That would be totally different from sharing a particular video – something I want to share and not something I am.

Something that is less visible, but much more impacting on a global scale, is Google searches and social pages. The impact of the algorithm of content fitting is causing clustering of similar people and growing informational walls around ourselves. That negative feedback is driving us away from intrinsic diversity and global stability to the word of narrow-mindedness and global extremism. That is another topic for discussion and there is a lot of data out there that supports it…

Can we get to a better understanding of each other by sharing our virtual identities and swapping to other points of view? I think it would make our development more efficient and at same time the world more stable.