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Skills network

Anything related can be a network. Any network got a hidden magic inside. Building a network is unleashing another part of the beauty of this world. And when you do this, when you find the secret clusters, when you connect the lonely entities of existence – then this magic is flowing though this network, enlightening and reviving nodes, breaking out over the invisible strings into the life, connecting everything and everyone.

Our skills are shaped by the templates of education and jobs, by human behaviors and to get a glimpse of this bias we can do a simple experiment.

Let’s build s crawler that is getting LinkedIn skills from many people, connect those skills based on cross-correlation and build a network that is based on highly correlated skills.

Even small amount of people I took (about 150), is giving a network of over 400 correlated skills, connected by 3500 links and lots of interesting insights.


So… Mainly pics and less words.

Parts of the network, related to declared programming language-based networks (per language). Pay attention on differences:languages

Design (Since this is a small network, it is biased by my occupation, so the design is mainly represented by word of semiconductors – doing it widely would expose other meanings of design):


…with zoom-in on SOC (System On Chip) skills network (pay attention on lack of connection between “microprocessors” and “dsp”  skills. hhhhh…) :soc

Declared Skills, related to “Microsoft”:microsoft

This one is coming from my MBA friends (“Merges” as an anchor):


Hmm… Interesting positioning for Leadership skill:Leadership

Strategy cluster:


Those are just several examples, but the applications of this network are giving a big potential value. Amazing HR models and mode of work, Personal effective definition of skills and positioning… It can take the LinkedIn to a whole new level.

And as usually – Do not forget to Enjoy Your Life!


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My resume based “Cover Network”

Network based on my resume. Color of each node based on clustering. Size of node - based on connections weight's sum.

Network based on my resume. Color of each node based on clustering. Size of node – based on connections weight’s sum. Full size

My Outlook Network

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My Outlook Network

My 3 month of emails: Total of 2.5k emails with 1k subjects sent by 240 employees to 1.2k other employees and to 150 different groups. Overall >22.5k transitions.
This is My network based on My activities as I “see” it. Obviously I cannot expose names or groups, but believe me – color clustering exposes actual groups and organizational functions.
Beautiful? Try it yourself – you will find lots of interesting things. Try it on corporate level and you will find essential insights.

Technics (if you are interested):
Wrote brief VB script that is parsing all email traffic and dumping to the file. Arranged and imported to JMP. Created mapping of edges based on cumulative email transition (when each email gets weight of 1, shared cross all recipients). Imported to Gephi. Size – based on centrality. Proximity based on cumulative weight between each two nodes.