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Scalable Generation naming

There is no standard agreed naming for generations and in the past the naming was a major event driven (e.g. post/WWII) nor the range and we are at GenZ which left not too much to go, it might be a good strategy to come up with a scalable method.

First let’s start with the range as it can give the sense of granularity. As of X/Y/Z the range is 15 years, which might make sense as it is the age of getting to a maturity, thus changed behavioral pattern. However taking into account the exponential technological growth impact on accelerated maturity and rate of significant changes, 15 years sampling might be too gross.

Proposal is to lower it down to 10 years due to the reasons above and since it is easier to multiply.

Now, as of the reference point, we can take 2020, or better year 2000 as the easy baseline to add and remember the multiplications of 10.

The naming convention then would be a scalable order of decade counting from 2000. e.g. children born between 2000 and 2009 would be Gen0, born at 2020-2029 would be Gen2 and so on.