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YouTube Identity sharing


From time to time I realize, that I am logged out of Google account and then interesting thing are happening – I’ve got totally different response at all Google services. This is exceptionally visible when I go to YouTube, where I discover a whole new world of content.

Similar thing is obviously happening when my wife is logged in. Then , the content is very predictable, as I know her, and I realize how much predictable for myself my own content is. This over-fitting from time to time is driving me to go out and spend time in trying to dig some new type of content, but over and over again I understand how hard is to expend the boundaries of personality… Eventually I come to a similar content, which is a part of my “YouTube identity”. And no – Google are not doing good enough job to expend boundaries of my identity, even though they know exactly how it looks like (maybe because they do not want to).

This “YouTube identity” is a YouTube-dimension of myself and the simplistic representation of the world as I see it, while to understand someone better, I would want to look at the world through his/her eyes (at least virtual ones).

So I thought – can we do something to share this insight into “YouTube identity” of ourselves, like if someone would login to my Google account without impacting it. That would be totally different from sharing a particular video – something I want to share and not something I am.

Something that is less visible, but much more impacting on a global scale, is Google searches and social pages. The impact of the algorithm of content fitting is causing clustering of similar people and growing informational walls around ourselves. That negative feedback is driving us away from intrinsic diversity and global stability to the word of narrow-mindedness and global extremism. That is another topic for discussion and there is a lot of data out there that supports it…

Can we get to a better understanding of each other by sharing our virtual identities and swapping to other points of view? I think it would make our development more efficient and at same time the world more stable.


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Google “Results amount” sucks (aka bug)?

Tried to do some research based on amount of results that dear Google is providing and found that it… does not work. Well, actually it presents inconsistent results, so I am not  sure what to choose.

Want some details? Enjoy:

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Sounds of Financial Market

I wanted to check a concept of representation of financial market data in audio dimension. What if we could “hear” the stock values? How would it sound?

As part of experiment I have translated Google (GOOG) stock intra-day values of bids and offers into sound (each to a separate track and instrument).

I think it is an interesting way to expose financial data, which is created by many people, impact our lives and that is why this art is the another dimension of worldwide complexity. A friend of mine mentioned that this way blind people could probably be an amazing financial traders as they might precisely “hear” the market and feel the trends.
Hope it can be so…


To hear it go to the SoundCloud page.


Here is the bubble chart (x axis – time, y axis – stock value in $, 2 colors – bids and offers):


And in FL studio:



For hands on (play with it):

Velocity of sound is proportional to a size of offer and the stock value to a note. In this example the data of 7000 points of bids and offers for Google stock during 24 Apr 2014.

  • Data set
  • Arrangement and normalization in excel
  • csv –> mid
  • mid–> FL studio –> small corrections and export

In another experiment I took gains and losses instead of actual values to determine the note, but this way sound is less “beautiful” and makes a headache (yes – even more), so you can do it by yourself 😉



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Well… H.N.Y. fellows! What will be this year? I am optimistic, even though nothing has been conceptually changed in economic, ethical, technological, health, geopolitical and many other conditions of the world. At least a part of the world I am leaving in… At least in my private world… Got a strong feeling of something that is going to be changed though – we have been rested for too long for the exponential world we are leaving in. Speaking of optimism and changes, got an interesting question – Is there going to be a new crisis? Let’s see…

In 2013 we got to the same level of crisis exposure as before 2008 financial crisis and it is trending down:


Interesting is that there is a periodic response to crisis – you can see it even by eye. For those who love math, I can say that Fourier transform of “Crisis” time series clearly shows the peak (skip the chart if you do not care):


The Crisis Cycle period is ~175 days (actually 165-185) throughout last decade.

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