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Time dependence on Temperature concept.

I was playing with time vector and and entropy, leading to the concept of time dilation as a function of temperature so one might say that time is locally “stopping” for the matter at absolute zero. 

In a nutshell the concept means that the dependency of the time/information propagation depends not only on mass of matter, but also on temperature and as we go to the lower temperatures down to absolute zero, the entropy is reducing down to zero as well and essentially there should be no propagation of information through the space. One also might say that once the thermal energy is zero, for given non-zero mass the speed of light/information goes to zero as well. The phenomena can be associated with effective temperature time dilation.

I liked the concept as it connected several factors (even though might contradict some others :)) It can connect quantum-level and very large scale behaviors.

Searching for macro level confirmation I thought that small deviations on cosmic background temperature could expose the dilation function.  This way, the large matter density clusters of galaxies could have higher background temperature than low matter density and lead to a smaller time dilation. Similarly for galaxy arms, the lower proximity to a center of the galaxy and the arms, could lead to a lower temperature of the background, thus smaller gradients of change (higher time dilation).

Potentially the temperature driven time dilation could explain the lensing deviations. Assuming a very large and very cold body such a black hole (not taking into account the falling matter of accretion) it would increase the lensing effect then in the proximity of the body. In the model it would be also interesting to observe the impact of high temperature gradients of active BH-star pairs within the accretion disk.

Low matter density of voids also could bias the time dilation, thus effectively the distortion of their assessed size.

It would be interesting to examine the temperature time dilation model on CMB or clumping. I believe in the beauty of math, but a numerical path can be faster to show whether it is viable or not. 

The concept also might solve other contradictions of the Dark Matter. It might explain the correlation to the amount of matter and temperature in the galaxies. Highly dynamic large systems might be explained by large-scale thermodynamics with the application of the model. 

Can it be that expansion of Universe is biased by its reducing inter-galactic temperature and associated time dilation?

The concept would reduce a need in an introduction of a new particle or a need in gravitational distortion adjustment. 

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