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Sounds of Financial Market

I wanted to check a concept of representation of financial market data in audio dimension. What if we could “hear” the stock values? How would it sound?

As part of experiment I have translated Google (GOOG) stock intra-day values of bids and offers into sound (each to a separate track and instrument).

I think it is an interesting way to expose financial data, which is created by many people, impact our lives and that is why this art is the another dimension of worldwide complexity. A friend of mine mentioned that this way blind people could probably be an amazing financial traders as they might precisely “hear” the market and feel the trends.
Hope it can be so…


To hear it go to the SoundCloud page.


Here is the bubble chart (x axis – time, y axis – stock value in $, 2 colors – bids and offers):


And in FL studio:



For hands on (play with it):

Velocity of sound is proportional to a size of offer and the stock value to a note. In this example the data of 7000 points of bids and offers for Google stock during 24 Apr 2014.

  • Data set
  • Arrangement and normalization in excel
  • csv –> mid
  • mid–> FL studio –> small corrections and export

In another experiment I took gains and losses instead of actual values to determine the note, but this way sound is less “beautiful” and makes a headache (yes – even more), so you can do it by yourself šŸ˜‰