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HTC Twelve (secret next version)

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HTC Twelve (secret next version)

A secret future project of “HTC Twelve” is now exposed!

12 5uMp (“UltraMegaPixel”) cameras and total of 60Mp are used to generate extremely sharp and extremely wide pictures, but this is far from being “Just” top quality pictures.

It is giving a “Multiple Exposure Photography” and ability to combine objects at different speed. High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging was never SO realistic.

Top night vision quality is achieved by leveraging information from all 12 cameras.

But really the most amazing feature is a pseudo-high speed camera, capturing 1080p at 360 fps and 720p at 720 fps! It gives you ability to capture an amazing real high quality slow motion effects. Smart phase switching is giving ability to take cost advantage of top high speed cameras (approximate BOM penalty ~110$).

Ultra-high quality camera matrix is bring a whole new level of 3D filming.

Did I mention 4 microphones at the back panel to capture a high quality stereo sound?

It worth to wait for 2022… 🙂


Author: Andrey Gabdulin Product Development

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